Heschel Boys Defeat Ramaz with the Help of Kosher Meat

By Mariel Priven

On December 7, the boys’ Varsity Basketball team took on the rival Ramaz team in a long, hard game. After last year’s score of 84-60 (Heschel), expectations were high. The game began and the scoreboard soon needed to be constantly updated. Heschel was in the lead for the majority of the game; as the buzzer went off and ended the first half,  Ilan Orgel shot a three-pointer, bringing the score to 47-39 (Heschel).

As the boys participated in their typical half-time activities and drills, the audience did something different from the usual: they stepped outside to order kosher meat from The Chosen Cholent and Smokehouse Food Truck. The truck offered a variety of meat products, including cholent, brisket sandwiches, and chicken sandwiches. Students, faculty, and parents raved about the food, and particularly enjoyed the fried chicken and brisket sandwich. However, many felt that much of the food was overpriced – chicken drumsticks were priced at $9 and the brisket sandwich at $15 – perhaps to be expected for kosher food.

LQ teacher Ayal Robkin had the opportunity to go inside the truck, as he is a friend of the truck owner, Rabbi Adam Gindea. Ayal said that he remembered Gindea’s lamb bacon from when the two were both in Israel. He added that Gindea is “new to the food truck scene and is helped out by his sister, brother-in-law, father, and grandfather.”

After enjoying the delicious food, the gym filled up once again, and the second half began. The Heat scored many incredible shots, a surprising number of them three-pointers. According to one source, more than 50% of the team’s shots were from behind the arc. The team was led by Harlan Reiss, who scored a total of 25 points, and Ilan Orgel, who scored 32. As the game ended with a fantastic score of 80-68 (Heschel), members of the community went home happy and well-fed.

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