Hesed Hosts A Successful Throwback To The Eighties

By Sophia Daniels

When students walked into 20 West End Avenue on Saturday night, December 10, they did not look like teens of the 21st century. Everyone was dressed up in 80s costumes – neon colors, leg warmers, denim jackets, and scrunchies.

The first surprise was the elevator. After walking over the Dance Dance Revolution mat in front of the elevator doors, students stepped into an 80’s game-themed time machine that took them up to the gym. With a twister board on the floor, a Rubik’s cube on the left wall, a Pac-Man decoration on the right wall, and balloons taped onto the back wall, people were transported back to the 80’s. Entering the gym, there was a poster that read, “Stay Rad” and a giant boombox made out of construction paper hanging on the wall. The gym was covered in retro decorations, and festive giveaways like sunglasses and bracelets scattered the floor and table.

DJ Moka played some recent music as well as some throwbacks to the 80’s. His dry ice machine and lights added bold effects to the scene. Even when the DJ’s music broke down for about 10 minutes, the energy did not die. Students broke out in song and kept the dancing going.

Va’adat Hesed’s annual Winter Fundraiser was a success. Everyone came to support the semester cause: veterans. All proceeds from the dance are going to Headstrong, an organization that provides treatment and support to US Veterans. Therapy and medical care are not always easily accessible to those who return from war. Headstrong’s goal is to provide the support veterans need and to heal “the hidden wounds of war.”

Everyone who showed up to the dance was doing a great act of hesed. Va’adat Hesed wants to thank all those who came. We really appreciate you making it such a fun night and supporting the semester cause.

Additionally, Va’adat Hesed wants to thank the chaperones of the event. We could not have done it without your help.  

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