Israel Day Parade

By: Sophia Daniels ’18

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On June 4th is this year’s annual Celebrate Israel Parade, where 40,000 marchers from different schools and organizations will come together on Fifth Avenue to praise the vibrant and diverse country of Israel. This year’s theme is “celebrating Israel together.” The parade’s website reads, “Together, we are stronger. We encourage and support each other; we celebrate our differences and find common ground.”

Last year, Heschel invited Ted Comet, one of the central founders of the parade, as the school’s Yom Ha’atzmaut speaker. He revealed that he was inspired to initiate the march after being involved in American Jewish affairs and devoting his life to meeting the needs of Israel after the Holocaust. His goals for the parade are to ensure that Americans are recognizing and celebrating Israel and its accomplishments.

Every year, Heschel encourages all divisions of the school to walk in the parade with the school’s team. However, unlike many other Jewish day schools, Heschel does not obligate students to spend their Sunday morning marching up the East Side.

For the past four years high school students have designed the Heschel team’s shirt for that year. This year, juniors Noa Mellul and Sasha Gavronsky have done the artwork. Their task was to reflect the parade’s theme of unity while including a quote from Isaiah. Mellul said, “the hard part was incorporating the quote with the theme and making it look good.” When asked what their inspiration was, Gavronsky explained that it was “Jerusalem and the people in Jerusalem.” Together they created the beautiful shirts that Heschel will be sporting on June 4th.

The parade is always considered an exciting event and a powerful way to show support for Israel. Mark your calendars, wear your newly designed shirts, and join Heschel in marching for Israel!

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