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By: Sam Nevins 18’

This summer Lisa Inberg, her husband Graeme, and their newborn daughter Etta will be moving back to Sydney, Australia. After three years in New York City, the family has decided that it is time to return home.

On one of her visits to Heschel this spring, Lisa said, “I am enjoying being a mum. Every day I am learning new things about myself and Etta,” whom she described as “a very chill baby.”

Inberg added that she will miss many aspects of Heschel, including “working with and seeing Lisa, Shmuel and Joe everyday… students [who are] are so excited and engaged about their studies… and the open nature of the school.” She further shared that she loves the school’s openness to varying teaching styles, in addition to the welcoming environment for members of all religious denominations.  

Junior Sasha Gavronsky expressed her sadness regarding Lisa’s departure, explaining that she will miss “how caring and passionate she is about her students, and how she is always there, willing and happy to help with anything I need.”

In addition to teaching ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade social studies, Lisa also taught the twelfth grade elective “Dual Narratives” about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and she served as the head of the Interfaith Club. Lisa’s role as a social studies teacher will be filled by Joseph Eskin, and her role as advisor will be filled by Naomi Bergman from the Science Department.

Lisa gave a parting message to students, teachers, and staff members: “The Heschel community has been so kind and welcoming to both Graeme and me; I only hope that many of its members will visit us in Australia and that we will be able to welcome them in our home and repay the kindness we have experienced.”

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