Song Review: “Love Me” by The 1975

By: Nicole Nimroody ‘18

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With summer so rapidly approaching, everyone is in search for the perfect summer tune to listen to on late night drives, Sunday morning breakfasts, and lazy days on the beach. The 1975, a British Funk rock and pop band, may be able to achieve the very sound you have been searching for. “Love Me” by The 1975 is a unique twist on today’s pop music, an 80’s influenced ballad that will have you memorizing the lyrics after just a couple listens.

The 1975’s lead singer, Matty Healy, uses the track to exploit those who become lost in their self-absorption, something incredibly relevant within the band’s lifestyle of fame, and yet still relevant to those of us who are not in the spotlight. While remaining upbeat in its tempo and melodies, the lyrics tap into a deep criticism of those are caught up in their own superficial world. Healy cleverly imitates them, singing, “you look famous, let’s be friends and portray we possess something important.” The track does an excellent job at hilariously mocking the wave of self-obsession and materialism that has only continued to incline over the years. The lyrics persuade the listener to realize how easily one can fall prey to this superficial and self-obsessed mindframe, and as an alternative, to stay humble and true to what they love.

The production and instrumental pieces of the track, as well as the vocals, are incredibly exciting. There is something so new and different about The 1975’s sound; as they grab inspiration from the 80’s funk, post-punk wave and combine it with today’s modern pop synths and melodies. The effected guitar plays a large role in the rhythm of the track and adds movement to Healy’s vocals. The song has a common likable value that allows for listeners of all ages to enjoy – the groove of the tune. The groove is the song’s ability to make you move, dance, sing, and jump along to its psychedelic and funky vocal melodies and instrumental additions.

The 1975 has the unconventional, new sound that your ears have secretly been craving. Belt out “Love Me” this summer with all the confidence you have, but maybe not that much confidence, as The 1975 might just write a song about it.

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