12 Tips from the Senior Class for your Best Freshman Year

By the Class of 2018

  1. Don’t worry! While high school is brand new to you, all of the faculty and students are here to make your transition as smooth as possible. If you feel lost at any point, at least one person walking the hallways will be happy to help you out.
  2. Try to get to know other students, even if you’re scared. People aren’t as intimidating as you think, and you’ll never know if you want to be friends with someone unless you try.
  3. Treat your classes with respect, and you will find meaning in them. This will only motivate you further.
  4. No question is a stupid question. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand in class or to make meetings with your teachers. Your teachers truly want you to do well and are here to support you throughout your high school career. You can also ask your advisor questions about anything.
  5. If you aren’t doing well in a class, don’t make excuses for your poor performance by delegitimizing the class or teacher or material. Don’t reconcile your difficulties by saying that your brain “is not wired for the class” or that your brain “does not work that way” because that isn’t true. You really can do anything as long as you are dedicated to it, so by saying you’re not good enough, not only are you not helping yourself, you are also destroying your most important asset in succeeding, which is your resolve.
  6. Don’t play games on your computer during class! If a class is boring and you zone out, you are only going to get more bored because you aren’t going to know what’s going on anymore, so you will just keep zoning out – it is a self sustaining cycle. Even though the class may be boring, you can still find some interesting part in it, whatever it might be.**
  7. Your classmates are your friends, not your opponents. Studying for tests in groups is a super helpful way to master the material. Compiling study guides as a group brings together all of the concepts you know collectively, and explaining concepts to each other helps you better understand each one.
  8. Take advantage of the large selection of clubs. Joining a club is the easiest way to meet people who are interested in the same things as you are.
  9. Don’t take 9th Grade Experience for granted. It gives you time once a week to step away from your school work and to just bond with your classmates. Treasure the memories you make during it.
  10. Don’t put a lock on your locker. Nobody’s going to take your stuff.
  11. Don’t hang out in the freshman hallway. There are tons of places throughout the building to hang out, and sitting in the hallway just makes it harder for everyone to get where they need to go.
  12. Lastly, and most importantly: DO NOT USE THE SENIOR NOOK!

We’re looking forward to an awesome year!

** For example, if you were locked in a room for six months (with food and water and necessities), and all you had for entertainment was a box full of photos of Ohio Governor John Kasich eating food at various state fairs, it is very likely that you would emerge from that box six months later having come up with a game or some other organized system that involves the photos, that would have kept you entertained during that time. You will have taken nothing, something absolutely objectively boring, and made something entertaining out of it. If you ever feel bored during a class, think of this analogy.

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