The Outsider’s Perspective on Heschel

By Libby Meir ‘21 and Raphaela Gold ‘21


Over the past several years, the neighborhood around Heschel has become increasingly populated with stores and restaurants. Taking advantage of these new opportunities for bagels, dumplings, and coffee, Heschel students constantly file into these stores – before school, after school, and on days when they can go out for lunch. While students often spend hours debating which Starbucks drink is the best or which is the most delicious sandwich to purchase at Subway, we rarely pause to ponder how these store owners and workers see the Heschel community.

When asked about her views of Heschel students, Mavis, a worker at The Dumpling Room, described students as, “respectful, friendly, and not very loud.” She confirmed that most customers are students or parents of students and joked, “You guys love our lo mein noodles and bubble teas!”

Starbucks had a more mixed perspective on students. While baristas Normary and DJ agreed that the influx of students provides good business, when asked if students are generally well behaved, they laughingly replied, “most of you.” They explained that it is busiest in the morning and late afternoon, but slows down when students are in school. To improve our behavior, DJ suggested that students “keep it down [and] stop yelling,” and Normary added, “sit down, don’t crowd the bar.”

Overall, when going to a store around Heschel, it’s necessary to be mindful that you are in a public space with other paying customers and workers. As these employees confirm, it is important to treat the space you are in with respect and make sure that you are not bothering other customers and the employees.

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