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Heritage Speakers

By Aviva Kohn and Eliana Salmon In the United States, where the official language is English, those who speak a different native language often integrate the spoken words and the culture of another country into…

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How Frum is Heschel?

By Sara Serfaty According to the school’s website, we are a “pluralistic, egalitarian community.” Yet, while only 20% of the student body identifies as Orthodox, roughly one-third of the school’s population is in the Orthodox…

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?מה האנשים בהשל אומרים על סליחה

מאת נדב דרוקר ורעות רבין אחרי שקראנו בכיתה את הסיפור ״מה האיש אומר?״, מאת אתגר קרת, ויום הכיפורים הקרוב, החלטנו לבדוק מה דעתם של תלמידי ׳השל׳ ומוריו בנוגע לסליחות. שאלנו אנשים האם קשה להם לבקש…


Students Attend AIPAC Policy Conference

By Eliana Salmon A group of ten Heschel students travelled to our nation’s capital to attend the 2016 AIPAC Policy Conference in late March. The delegation was in the company of 18,000 pro-Israel Americans, including…


Middle School Show Review: Annie Jr.

By Rachel Wenger   The Heschel Middle School’s long awaited production of “Annie Jr.” premiered on January 21. After four months of practicing at least three times a week, the sixth through eighth graders were…