Wearing Tzitzit at Heschel

By Sam Nevins ‘18 How can the administration force us to read the Shema every morning, and not care if we wear tzitzit?! Every day, every single minyan at Heschel recites the Shema. The prayer…

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Students Learn to Lobby for Israel

By Julia Proshan At the first session of the AIPAC Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit this November, “Why We Commit: Telling Our Stories,” students explained when they committed to fighting for Israel and the…

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How Frum is Heschel?

By Sara Serfaty According to the school’s website, we are a “pluralistic, egalitarian community.” Yet, while only 20% of the student body identifies as Orthodox, roughly one-third of the school’s population is in the Orthodox…

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?מה האנשים בהשל אומרים על סליחה

מאת נדב דרוקר ורעות רבין אחרי שקראנו בכיתה את הסיפור ״מה האיש אומר?״, מאת אתגר קרת, ויום הכיפורים הקרוב, החלטנו לבדוק מה דעתם של תלמידי ׳השל׳ ומוריו בנוגע לסליחות. שאלנו אנשים האם קשה להם לבקש…

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Editorial Comment: Publishing Opinion Articles

Students, teachers, and faculty members of the Heschel community, Over the last day, since the online publication of an opinion article on our school’s most recent Town Hall, debate has erupted within the school building….


Rabbi Noam: Year Two

By Abby Fisher   Whether you are a teacher or a student, adjusting to the school year can be exhausting and stressful. Yet this is not the case for Head of High School Rabbi Noam…


Teacher Profile: Elana Metsch-Ampel

By Dani Granowitz   Name: Elana Metsch-Ampel Department: English Grades teaching: 9 and 10 Hometown: Montclair, NJ University: Wesleyan   Elana Metsch-Ampel grew up surrounded by literature. Her mother was a high school English teacher…