Garden and Greenhouse Club to Gain Aquaponics System

By Julia Proshan This year science teacher Jon Greenberg plans to introduce students to aquaponics: a combination of hydroponics, growing plants in water, and aquaculture, growing fish in tanks. Through aquaponics, many different species of…


Cell Phones More Present Than Our Presence

“Please put your phones away.” This announcement precedes almost every assembly and school-wide gathering. Teenage attachment to cell phones is not limited to our high school. It is, however, negatively affecting our school culture and…


Student Profile: Nannies by Noa

By Julia Proshan “I wanted to start the business because I hated the nannies my mom hired. I wanted to figure out a solution since she didn’t want to pay agencies,” said freshman Noa Mintz….


Middle School Show Review: Annie Jr.

By Rachel Wenger   The Heschel Middle School’s long awaited production of “Annie Jr.” premiered on January 21. After four months of practicing at least three times a week, the sixth through eighth graders were…


Heschel and the Common Core

By Heila Precel The phrase ‘Common Core’ has become an education buzzword. It appears in news reports and discussions on education, and is often blamed for all of the recent failings of the American education…


Teacher Profile: Lisa Inberg

By Abi Rasol A new teacher – and a new accent – has been added to the social studies faculty this year: Lisa Inberg. A native of Sydney, Australia, Inberg grew up as the youngest…