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Reflections on the Riot

By Sophie Rasol ‘22, Sports Editor, and Anna Khorets ‘22, Online Editor On January 6th, the US Capitol in Washington, D.C., was placed under lockdown after a pro- Trump protest turned into a riot of thousands of people storming into the Capitol in an attempt to obstruct the certification of […]


How Pods Are Spending Free Time Together This Year

Sadie Mank ‘23 and Jed Cosgrove ‘23, Staff Writers Since this school year began, limited time in the building has meant maximizing social opportunities within pods. A surprising thing about the high school’s in-school schedule is students’ excess downtime. From study halls to lunch periods, students continue to figure out […]


Among Us Unites the Freshman Class

By Serena Goldstein ‘24 and Shira Mack ‘24, Staff Writers Walking by a ninth-grade classroom these days, you may hear some strange language like “Blue’s sus!” and “I saw Yellow vent in O2!” Heschel freshmen often spend their time at school playing Among Us, a fast-paced multiplayer video game that […]

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Upcoming Hip Hop Album Releases

By Aaron Epstein ‘21 and Jared Levy ‘23, Contributing Writer and Staff Writer, respectively Despite high anticipation, an underwhelming amount of rap music has been released in 2020, partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus-related restrictions prevented the large tours that artists often embark on shortly after an album release […]


Solstices Throughout History

By Alexandra Wenger ‘21, Features Editor When does winter begin? Ask different people and they’ll give you different answers. I personally believe that winter begins when I have to stop wearing sweaters and need to haul my winter jacket out from the back of my closet. Others tell me that […]


Recipe: Brown Sugar Cookies

By Alexandra Wenger ‘21, Features Editor I am once again bringing a cookie recipe to the Heschel community. This time, it’s an adaptation from kickassbaker.com. This recipe is certainly one of the easiest I’ve made, but no less scrumptious because of it. As much as I absolutely adore chocolate, I […]


Book Review: Very Short Introductions

By Sadie Mank ‘23, Staff Writer Browsing in bookstores was one of the many things I took for granted before the pandemic, so it was especially exciting to walk into a bookstore this summer after the lockdown lifted. I visited Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY and discovered something I didn’t […]