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Heschel Adds Milk

By Caleb Friedman ‘23, Staff Writer and Jared Levy ‘23, Sports Editor Milk: a smooth, high protein beverage straight from the udders of America’s finest. In their most recent attempt to enhance the Heschel experience, the administration changed all of the water fountains and water bottles to milk. Our sources […]


Movie Review: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

By Ayelet Spevack ‘25, Art Editor Spoiler warning! Over the last few weeks, many Heschel students have excitedly watched Marvel’s new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is finally in theaters after months of built-up anticipation. Fans had high expectations after the trailer claimed that “nothing can prepare […]


Tenth Grade Israel Trip: Top Five Moments

By Karen Messer ‘24, Online Editor Following Pesach break, Heschel’s 10th grade students visited Israel for two weeks. There, we went to amazing places like the Golan Heights, Tel Aviv, and historical landmarks like Masada and Jerusalem. Here are some key points in the trip that resonated with me: #5 […]


Heschel Helpdesk

By Anonymous Question: How can I reduce my increasing stress and anxiety levels as finals approach? Dear Anonymous, Thanks for your submission! As talk of finals becomes more and more relevant, I find that the daily work we receive becomes increasingly stressful. Managing your time to account for hours of […]


The Chemistry of Baking: Blueberry Pie

By Sophie Gross ‘23, Staff Writer Welcome to this year’s last edition of The Chemistry of Baking! For anyone who read these articles (AND used the recipes!), thank you for following along. In honor of summer, here is a recipe for everyone’s favorite summer dessert: blueberry pie. In addition to […]


Reviewing Hotels of the 10th Grade Israel Trip 

By Maya Barlev ‘24, Staff Writer During the Israel Trip, the 10th grade stayed at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel outside Jerusalem, under the stars in the Negev, Kibbutz Afik in the Golan, and the Grand Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv. Each location was unique and had its own benefits and weaknesses.  […]


Teacher Farewells

Rachel Raven-Chabin: By Sadie Mank ‘23, Editor-in-Chief  Thank you to Rachel Raven-Chabin, Heschel High School’s beloved co-Jewish and Student Life (JSL) Fellow, who will leave Heschel at the end of this school year. During her time at Heschel, Rachel seamlessly integrated herself  into daily life at Heschel, overseeing clubs, joining […]


Chemistry of Baking: French Brioche

By Sophie Gross ‘23, Staff Writer Welcome to the fourth installment of “The Chemistry of Baking”! Bread’s use of yeast as a raising agent makes it a distinctive sub-category of baked-good. French brioche is a particularly rich, flavorful bread and certainly requires yeast to rise. Yeast is a single-celled live […]