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Amid Rising Antisemitism, Heschel Hosts Controversial Speaker from the ADL

By Shira Mack ’24, Heschel Beat Editor On December 1, the Heschel High School hosted Scott Richman, Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), for an important program about antisemitism. The program covered a wide range of topics, including the definition of antisemitism, statistics regarding antisemitism in the United States, […]


Heschel Adds Milk

By Caleb Friedman ‘23, Staff Writer and Jared Levy ‘23, Sports Editor Milk: a smooth, high protein beverage straight from the udders of America’s finest. In their most recent attempt to enhance the Heschel experience, the administration changed all of the water fountains and water bottles to milk. Our sources […]


New Cafe Opens: Common Address

By Sylvia Zeltzer ‘24, Features Editor  Sick of coffee from Starbucks or Pick A Bagel? Well, good thing a coffee shop just opened right behind Morton Williams! Common Address, located at 305 West 60th Street, is the perfect place to pick up your morning caffeine boost. The light colors, upbeat […]


Heschel Wirecutter: The Best Pen for Note-Taking

By Olivia Sohn ‘23, Features Editor Teachers regularly tell students to take notes in class by hand. While it can be tedious, it is an essential skill for academic success, and the writing utensil one choses can make a significant difference in the quality and time it takes.  I have […]


Taylor Swift Midnights Review

By Manuela Sinayuk ‘25, Staff Writer  It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is one of the greatest artists of this generation. In fact, many Heschel students include themselves among her legions of teenage fans, many of whom found themselves over the moon about her 10th studio album, Midnights. This highly […]


JID Connects Jewish Culture and Hip-Hop to Make Hit Single

By Sammy Fisher ‘25, Staff Writer  Rap artist JID’s new hit single “Dance Now” uplifts Jewish people, while other hip-hop artists such as Kanye West and Jay-Z try to tear them down.  I often find myself hearing rappers propagate stereotypes about Jews being rich and “controlling the world.” On “The […]


Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns

By Noa Chorowsky ‘25, Staff Writer “Harami” is the Arabic word for illegitimate. Consequently, it’s a word often used to describe Mariam: a young girl born in Herat as a result of an affair between a maid and a wealthy business owner. She longs for an involved father, and instead, […]


Mincha is Back, But How Can Heschel Make it Better Than Ever?

By Emma Jonas ’23, Opinion Editor At the beginning of the school year, I promised myself that I would attend the mincha service daily. That, however, has not been the case because of my Modern Orthodox religious affiliation, teachers’ expectations of me, and the time allotted for the service.  Mincha […]


Teacher Profile: Stefan Dorosz

By Emily Bauer ‘23, Staff Writer This year, the Heschel High School welcomes Stefan Dorosz to the English department. Stefan hopes to help his students cultivate a deep appreciation for language, the world of literature, and ideas. He believes that “great literature can broaden our horizons, help us acknowledge the […]


Teacher Profile: Jeremy Goodman

By Jed Cosgrove ‘23, News Editor This year, the Heschel Social Studies department welcomes Jeremy Goodman. Raised in Evanston, Illinois, Goodman attended a local Jewish day school during his early years. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2018, Goodman returned to the Chicago area to study at National […]


Heschel Helpdesk: Procrastination

By Sophie Gross ‘23, Staff Writer Hello students, welcome back! To start the year right, this edition of the Heschel Helpdesk is ready to target a problem that many students face: procrastination. The key to tackling your procrastination problem and getting you set up for the school year ahead (I’m […]