Amid Rising Antisemitism, Heschel Hosts Controversial Speaker from the ADL

By Shira Mack ’24, Heschel Beat Editor On December 1, the Heschel High School hosted Scott Richman, Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), for an important program about antisemitism. The program covered a wide range of topics, including the definition of antisemitism, statistics regarding antisemitism in the United States, […]


Heschel Adds Milk

By Caleb Friedman ‘23, Staff Writer and Jared Levy ‘23, Sports Editor Milk: a smooth, high protein beverage straight from the udders of America’s finest. In their most recent attempt to enhance the Heschel experience, the administration changed all of the water fountains and water bottles to milk. Our sources […]


Passover Word Search 

By Leeraz Joseph ‘25, Staff Writer Pesach may have ended, but make sure not to pass-over this exciting word search! Word Bank: Egypt  Matzah  Shmot  Crocodile  Yitro  Moses  Pharaoh  Locust  Burning Bush Tanakh Ten  Exodus  Frogs  First Born


Staff Spotlight: Martin Dejesus 

By Jordan Schwartz ‘24, Art Editor Meet Martin Dejesus, one of our maintenance staff. Martin was born and raised in New York City. He commutes to school daily from the Upper East Side and has worked at Heschel for 24 years. “I love my job, and I get along with […]


Clear Your Head in the Morning at White Noise Coffee Co. 

By Sylvia Zeltzer ‘24, Editor-in-Chief  Yet another café has opened just a few blocks away from Heschel. White Noise Coffee Company is located on 57th Street and West End Avenue. The café has a modern feel with marble floors, wood walls, and decorative greenery. The café plays lo-fi music, creating […]


After Much Success, Heschel Mock Trial Team Heads to States

By Hannah Wurzburger ‘26, Assistant Online Editor Heschel’s Mock Trial Team, is among the final two high schools in all of New York City still standing!  The team meets on Wednesdays and Sundays with Heschel parent and federal judge Jesse Furman, Heschel college advisor and former attorney David Steinberg, and […]


Heschel Partners With Grassroots Grocery to Combat Food Insecurity 

By Zoe Singer ‘23, Editor-in-Chief  Grassroots Grocery organization founder Dan Zauderer and Fredrick Douglass Houses Residents Association Treasurer and former resident Joe Sparrow spoke in February about their community fridge initiative to reduce food insecurity, and the meals Heschel seniors prepare weekly.  Every Monday afternoon since mid-February, two senior advisories […]


The Best Way to Quench Your Thirst

By Noa Chorowsky ‘25, Assistant Features Editor A great water bottle is a necessity for every Heschel student. Whether you are trudging up the stairs, panting after P.E. class, or eating some sweet and salty popcorn from the vending machine, hydration is key.  According to a school-wide survey, the most […]


Casa Shelem: Educating Jewish Youth

By Leeraz Joseph ‘25, Staff Writer As sophomore Elena Bakhchi scrolled through social media, she was disappointed at the lack of Jewish and Zionist platforms directed towards teens. In response, she created Casa Shelem, a platform aimed towards Jewish teens in order to provide a safe online space. Casa Shelem’s […]


Alumni Update: Sam Cohen

By Jonny Heisler ‘24, Contributing Writer I recently had the chance to catch up with 2022 Heschel graduate Sam Cohen, better known by many as SAM LONDON, his artist name. Cohen is currently taking a break from academia, spending the year in Israel with the Aardvark gap-year program. I spoke […]


Chess Booms in Popularity at Heschel

By Pierce Malter ‘26, Assistant Layout Editor Chess– a thousand-year old game – is experiencing an unprompted resurgence at Heschel. During lunch, mincha, and even during class, students play chess virtually against online opponents or one another.  Although the peak of chess’s popularity at Heschel was during the first semester […]


Matcha Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

By Sylvia Zeltzer ‘24, Editor-in-Chief  High school is a fast-paced four years, filled with stress and work. Picture this: you have been studying for hours and finally get to bed. The next morning, you are so exhausted that you sleep through your alarm; by the time you wake up,  school […]