Volleyball: A Year in Review

By Hadder Kaplun ’19

Despite a loss to Long Island Lutheran in the semi-finals, the Girls Varsity Volleyball Team put together a successful season, one of many accomplishments.

Jezel Rodriguez, who coached the team, was very happy with the season. The team won eight out of its ten games, unfortunately losing the other two to Avenues: The World School. However, there were many positive takeaways from this season. Jezel described the development of the team by saying, “When we started everything was rough. However, towards the end of the season we came together as a team.”

Coming together as a team is not so easy, especially with new players coming and going every single season. But, according to junior Mariel Priven, “we have fun and have trust in one another.”

“They enjoyed practices and playing in the games,” Jezel added.

Next season, the team will lose five current seniors: Callie Smith, Eva Rosenberg, Annabell Shindler, Emma Sokolow, and Noa Mellul. However, Jezel believes that the current juniors are “powerhouses” and trusts that they can go undefeated throughout the next season.

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