Why The Heschel Administration Should Condemn the Tamimis

By Michael Schwab ‘20 and Aviad Danon ‘19

Seventeen year-old Ahed Tamimi has been the subject of much debate in the past few months, as she was jailed and recently sentenced to a prison term for physically assaulting an IDF soldier. Tamimi famously called for Palestinians to engage in “stabbings, martyrdom-seeking operations [i.e. suicide bombings], [and] throwing stones.” She claimed that “everyone must do something. So we can unite this way, so we can get our message across in the required way and get this result, that is the liberation of Palestine, Allah willing.” Ahed Tamimi’s mother, in 2015, posted on social media a rubric of where to aim a knife at an Israeli soldier for a lethal outcome. It is clear that this young woman is not a freedom fighter or a symbol of resistance. Rather, she is a terror-inciting teen who belongs to a terror-inciting family. As the Tamimis readily admit, their activities are not directed towards ending the “occupation,” but ending the State of Israel and pushing the Jewish people out of it. Ahed Tamimi’s goal is to foster hatred of Israel around the world by staging fake incidents with the help of compliant journalists who just happen to be in the right place at the right time, filming only parts of incidents that make Israeli soldiers appear to be aggressors.

The Mission Statement of the Heschel School states that a central goal of Heschel is “fostering in its students a deep commitment to and a lifelong relationship with the State of Israel and its language, culture and people, in recognition of the centrality of the State of Israel to Jewish identity and to the Jewish people.” In light of this, it is imperative that the school not take a laissez-faire approach towards the Tamimis, but, based on our mission statement, strongly condemn those whose goal is the elimination of the Jewish State and the foundation of our people.

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