Get to Know a Student

By Olivia Domansky and Talia Levin ‘20


Student Favorite article of clothing Most used emoji Go-to karaoke song Dream ice cream flavor Favorite plant
Sophie Rasol, Freshman Sweaters 😎 Anything Shawn Mendes Mint chocolate chip Cactus
Liam Katz, Sophomore Sweater 🙄 Africa by Toto Maple Bacon Erez tree
Noa Gilad, Junior White sweatshirt with the word “maui” on the back, because it reminds me of the trip I took to Hawaii this summer and how much fun I had! ♥️ Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. Fun fact: I sang that song for my Harmonizers audition this year! A chocolate and lemon sorbet infusion but when you take a bite you only taste one flavor Pomegranate tree (even though it is not really a small plant). It is my favorite because it reminds me of my favorite book, “The Kite Runner”.
Omri Benichou, Senior Hat 😆 Don’t Stop Believing Mint-cookie soft serve Fern


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