Get to Know a Student

By Olivia and Domansky and Talia Levin ‘20


Title of Your Autobiography Favorite Magical or Mythological animal Cats or Dogs Favorite Season Best Olympic Sport
Susan Nakash, Freshman A Collection of Funny Stories and Tales: An Autobiography Unicorn Dog Fall High Diving
Lexi Landes, Freshman (another one because there seem to be so many!) Why did I do that? Unicorn Dogs Spring Skiing
Mark Adler, Sophomore Mark Adler’s Life Dobby from Harry Potter is pretty chill Dogs   Winter   Probably ping pong
Eliana Solomon, Junior Some quiz I took said… Come to Brazil: My Story Fairies   Dogs Summer   Figure skating is cool to watch
Lucy Cosgrove, Senior An Enigma: The Life of Lucy E. Cosgrove Seahorse   Doggos   Autumn   Curling


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