Heschel Homecoming

By Talia Levin ‘20


On Tuesday, November 20th, the Heschel school hosted its second annual homecoming basketball game. Students, alumni, parents, and faculty crowded into the middle school gym to watch Heschel’s undefeated boys’ basketball team face off against the JEC High School team. They continued their winning streak with a 65-41 win. The game featured the announcement of the Hesed cause, fun games, a t-shirt giveaway, thunder sticks, and posters for each player. Feedback about the event was overwhelmingly positive.

The event was planned by the Spirit Council. Jesse “never sleep on” Abed, the vice president of the Spirit Council and a player on the team, remarked, “I thought the energy was great. I thought a lot of people showed up. We played well. It was really cool to be on the court and running [the event]. Overall it was a great experience.” Abed scored 23 points over the course of the game. In regards to planning the homecoming event, he said, “It was really difficult to plan because we were also planning panoply right before, but as soon as the Shabbaton was over we spent all our time on homecoming.” In the future, Abed hopes that homecoming “gets more attention: more students come, more alumni come, more parents come and the crowd is full.”

Ricky “the freak” Sutton, a junior on the team who scored 16 points during the game, said, “My experience at homecoming as a player on the Heschel Varsity basketball team was incredible. The second I stepped on the court I was blown away by the number of students and teachers that came to support the team. As a player that’s the kind of thing you love to see: support from fans.”

The stands were filled with students from all grades including Sarah Zipkowitz, a junior who described homecoming as “our time to relax and just be Heschel students and enjoy the high school experience. It’s so often blinded by all the work and stress we have but we have to remember high school is not only about getting good grades… it’s about having experiences.” According to Zipkowitz, the event was a good break from the academic activities that are the majority of the school experience. Zipkowitz noted, “I really liked the community. It was cool to see our classmates and our friends doing what they love and really shining at it. The games were fun and gave everyone an opportunity to be more involved.” The night proved a success for the triumphant team as well as great fun for the spectators.

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