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Basketball Teams Celebrate Senior Night and Attend Tournament

By Sarah Horvath ‘21


This past month has been very busy for the basketball teams. Both the Varsity Girls team and the Varsity Boys team traveled to Canada to attend the Israel Becker TanenbaumCHAT Basketball Invitational hosted by the Community Hebrew Acadamy of Toronto. The teams were very successful at the tournament with the boys team winning the whole tournament and the girls coming in second place. To close their fantastic seasons back at school, each team had a senior night honoring the dedicated seniors for their hard work over their four years on the team.

Senior Omri Benichou said that it was “fun to finally have a senior night for me after seeing it for all the seniors in years past.” Benichou especially appreciated the coach’s acknowledgement for the parents who supported the players throughout the season. When speaking of the tournament, Benichou explained that “CHAT, [the school that] hosted the tournament, is very similar to Heschel.” It is a pluralistic school so Benichou thought it was “fun to branch out and meet new people” at the tournament. Additionally, he was proud that the Heschel team won against an Israeli team that was not just a school team, but a more professional one.

Senior Shoshana Scheinberg was glad that many people from different grades came to support the team. “It was meaningful to hear what Coach Meg had to say, especially after being on a team with her since freshman year,” Scheinberg said. Additionally, she was proud of her team’s performance at the tournament. Scheinberg explained, “We were surprised, but excited, to make it to the championship game.” She is sad to see the great season end.

Sophomores Maya Beneli and Tamar Druker recounted an outstanding experience at the CHAT tournament. Beneli noted, “the tournament was a great, competitive bonding experience.” Unfortunately, Druker hurt her knee at the tournament so she had to miss a few games, but looking back “it seems like a dream – it was just so fun!”

Though content with their performance this season, Scheinberg, Beneli, and Druker all feel that Heschel has a bias towards the boys team. This is evidenced by the fact that the school always advertises their games more, “especially because homecoming is around [the boys] game and not around [the girls],” Scheinberg argued, adding, “Our games should be advertised just as much as theirs.” The girls players speculated that the reason for their unfair treatment is because the past two vice presidents of the Spirit Council have been on the boys basketball team. Furthermore, the girls on the team are always compared to the boys team. “I wish the Spirit Council would promote girls basketball as much as boys basketball,” Druker added. Druker was especially disappointed by the turnout at Senior Night, as she felt bad for the senior girls who were not supported as much as the seniors on the boys team. Beneli added, “[School-wide] emails are sent out mostly for the boys team.”

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