Get to Know a Student: Vienna Edition

By Olivia Domansky and Talia Levin ‘20


What is your favorite American food? The weirdest thing you’ve seen here so far? Favorite German word Why you wanted to do this exchange What you hope we learn from you/ what you hope to learn from us
Anna Tsantekidou Hamburgers People are really open. Scheiße

[meaning: ****]

I want to meet new people and see New York; see how it really is. [I hope you learn from us that] we are all Jews and young. I am not that different from you.
Orel Zazashvili Burgers The toilets. It looks like it’s going to overflow. Schuckel [meaning: cutie] I wanted to meet new people and experience the Jewish community in America. [I hope you learn from us that] despite the small community we have in Vienna, our religion is still strong.
David Dawaraschwili Burgers Reform minyans. Verbalinjurie [meaning: injury] To go to New York and see how other Jewish communities function. [I hope to learn from you about] English and American traditions.
Noémi Steer Deep dish pizza If you look someone in the eye, they will just start talking to you immediately and approach you like a friend would. The people are also very open. Eichhörnchen [meaning: squirrel], because I can’t even pronounce it. To see New York and meet new people. [I hope to learn from you to] improve my English.


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