Color War Captains Reflect on Their Experience

By Raphaela Gold ‘21 and Sarah Horvath ‘21


After months of students making guesses and bets as to when color war would fall, the much-anticipated event finally began on Wednesday, April 3rd. Color war captains were very involved this year, signing students up for different activities and ensuring that each individual was happy with their assignments.  

Freshman captain Bridget Erlich commented, “It was fun, but very tiring and the days felt very long.” Erlich voiced that originally, she had been worried because she wasn’t sure what the job of being a captain entailed, but she ended up very much enjoying the events, particularly Battle of the Bands, which was added this past year. Erlich hopes that STOMP will return in the future because “I heard a lot of people talking about it and I’m curious.”

Sophomore Matan Kaplun exclaimed that color war was “really run!” Through signing his classmates up for various activities and serving as a leader for the grade, Kaplun relished it all. He said, “As a captain, I was felt like I was really able to impact the grade and give them the max that color war offers.”  

Junior Mia Steinberg really enjoyed being a color war captain. “Last year, my grade came dead last,” she explained, “so it was pretty exciting that we didn’t this year. We pulled it together in a way that we never have been before.” Steinberg admitted that she was proud to be involved, as a captain, in the process of uniting her grade.


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