Get to Know a Student: Exec Edition!

By Olivia Domansky and Talia Levin ‘20


As we recently elected a new Student Government Executive Board, it is time to say goodbye to last year’s successful Execs.


Execs What has been your greatest accomplishment this year? Favorite color of yogurt Awkwardest pickup line you know Coolest pet How long is your attention span?
Josh Epstein, Programming Getting office olympics to be a program during Funtivities Cream. Not to be confused with the cream of the yogurt, but like that off white color. I’m thinking of a specific flavor (Madagascar Vanilla & Cinnamon) so sorry if you don’t get it Heyyy. I’m Josh *spin move* and you must be…. beautiful? Wombat Actually light yellow! I’m a big fan of mango yogurt!
Omri Benichou, Spirit Getting into college White Hey, Mini cocker spaniel dog Very long
Olivia Domansky, Student Affairs Getting no homework over break I’m conflicted. Either the color of the pink gogurts or the color of the blueberry chobani. I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me. My brother Good question! I got off topic answering this question  and now that I think about it, I’ve always wanted to go to Aruba I guess
Casey Weinstein,


I am super happy with how the dance worked out and I am proud of my council for all the work they put into it. light pink. A mix of vanilla and strawberry light pink. A mix of vanilla and strawberry I once had a pet snail 40 days and 40 nights
Eduardo Szajman,


There have been so many accomplishments I don’t even remember the best one. Probably something related to workload or lunch out. Favorite color of yogurt is light pink “ so… what council are you on???” puppy golden retriever that never grows it depends on how interesting the topic is.


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