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Get to Know a Student: Summer Special

By Talia Levin ‘20

What did you do this summer?What is your favorite fruit?What is your ideal temperature?What is the funniest thing that happened this summer?What is the best place to spend the summer?
Jared Levy, FreshmanI went to Camp Ramah in the Berkshires.Either grapes or mango.My ideal temperature is probably seventy degrees, where it’s not too hot out but it’s not cold.We had a rock-paper-scissors tournament at 3:00 am for donuts.Camp or with friends.
Talia Shapiro, SophomoreI did a service trip to Costa Rica and a leadership program at Brown. My favorite fruit is a peach.My ideal temperature is 75 degrees.I had this lizard in my room one night on my teen tour, and the leader tried to kill it, but ended up just cutting his head off, but it generates limbs, and we couldn’t find it the whole night and I was too scared to sleep. The beach.
Noah Helfstein, JuniorI went on a family trip to South Africa, and then I did an internship at a tech startup in the city.I don’t have a favorite fruit lol.My ideal temperature is warm, but not too warm.The funniest thing that happened to me was in South Africa a rhino almost charged at our Jeep.I’d say the best place to spend the summer is by the beach.
Eliana Solomon, SeniorI worked at Eden Village Camp as a counselor.I like cantaloupe- no, strawberries!87 degrees- celsiusOne of my campers covered our porch in conditioner and someone slipped and fell.Israel.

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