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New Teacher Profile: Nir Amoyal

By Anna Dubey ‘21

Nir Amoyal has joined the Heschel faculty as a Hebrew teacher this year. Amoyal grew up in Israel and moved to New York a year ago. He views New York as “a place with a lot of opportunity and things to do.” The move was motivated by his partner’s position as a diplomat in the Israeli Consulate, so the pair will spend five years in New York.

In Israel, Amoyal was a high school civics and history teacher. He expressed that what he enjoys about teaching is connecting with people, as well as learning from students. Regarding his Hebrew teaching at Heschel, he said, “I’m looking forward to learning more about the students here…[and making] Hebrew a more used language for students.”

Amoyal was drawn to Heschel because of its pluralistic nature. “I was looking for a pluralistic school where I [could] meet all kinds of Jewish communities in the same place. This school includes all the diversity of the Jewish people in New York,” he said.

Although adjusting to a new position takes work, Amoyal isn’t especially nervous about teaching here. He looks forward to the task of learning the culture and policies at Heschel.

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