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Teacher Profile: Shoshana Lauter

By Sarah Horvath ‘21

“Seeing teachers in a professional way is a wild and fun experience,” says Heschel’s newest Student Life Fellow and Heschel graduate, Shoshana Lauter. Lauter has returned to Heschel to work in the Jewish and Student Life (JSL) office and can not wait to see what has changed and what has stayed exactly the same.

Lauter is the faculty facilitator for the Hesed council, in charge of Hesed days, assists with general programming such as major speaker events and holiday programs. She looks forward to seeing “what student engagement is like in community outreach and social justice issues.”

Lauter was “over-involved” when she was a student. She was co-editor-in-chief of HELIOS, captain of the debate team, Vice President of the student body, and a grade representative. “The student lounge used to be the bio lab and the teacher lounge used to be the chemistry lab,” added Lauter. 

Since she graduated Heschel High School in 2013, Lauter participated in the gap year program, Kivunim, and attended Barnard College where she studied sociology and pre-med. After, Lauter went to the University of Cambridge in England and completed her masters in sociology, focusing on race, gender, and class theory related to medicine. Last year, Rabbi Dahlia Kronish, the Director of Jewish and Student Life, sent an email looking for someone to work in the JSL office, so Lauter thought that “this would be the perfect place, because when I was in high school, I was super involved in student government, and Rabbi Dahlia has been a longtime mentor to me, and I am very familiar with JSL, so I told Rabbi Dahlia I was interested.” Lauter is currently applying to medical school, as the medical school application process takes a  full year, and will work at Heschel for only one year.

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