Three Women

By Jacqueline Proshan ‘21 

Who the world thinks are destined for three separate paths, 

But make the same angled turns 

Who think the world is moving, 

Even when it stays in place

One wanders, one gazes and the other guards 

All lost like stemless flowers being carried swiftly on the wind’s hunched back  

One enters deep water; she cannot swim 

One steps off the porch her last time; she is a teenager 

And one leaves the hospital with a child; she is alone 

She stares at the tile

The sand 

The concrete 

And wonders 

Why she must wake up when the sun does

Why bodies are covered in black shrouds 

Why hunger strikes the body like rocks on an erupting mountain 

And why her long, thin hair is turning grey like a rusted coin  

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