2019 Lamentation 1:1

Jacqueline Proshan ‘21

And on the second day 

God created screens that radiated a glaring, hollow noise 

And God saw that it was bad and regretted all that had been done 

And it was evening, and it was morning, the 21st century.

Primitive bodies and minds no longer exist

Only the alternate, third version of our beings

Created by the current that connects bodies to taut wires.

Stagnant stares are indelible and intelligence has become artificial 

Words that used to taste like fresh grapes are now made of bright purple flavoring

Inalterable pictures shift before our eyes and are jumbled together into hazy shards

Soon every evening you’ll stare at yourself in the elevator mirror

And think about

How you are bored of your lifeless reflection 

Because it will not miraculously transform as your screen does –

And how 

A camera 

Cannot capture your vanished reflection.

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