New Charity Initiative Takes Root at Heschel

By Sarah Horvath ‘21 

Throughout this year, a group of Heschel students will be partnering with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine (RLC), a non-profit organization that tackles issues of hunger and food waste. RLC collects leftover food from different restaurants and donates it to a local food pantry. The headquarters of the non-profit are located in New York City, but it operates in sixteen other cities as well. This organization was brought to Heschel last year by former Machar Fellow Carl Haber. He arranged that during last period on Mondays during the sophomore Physical Education (PE) time slot, two students per week would participate in the program. This meant that they were excused from PE that day, traveled to a local restaurant, picked up the food, and delivered it to the All Angels Episcopal Church on the Upper West Side. 

Last year, junior Sophie Fisher often participated in RLC. At the end of the year, Haber invited Fisher to take over the initiative. Fisher stated, “I love volunteering with RLC because it allows me to have a direct impact on an important cause, and it is also really easy to do!” Though not an official club, Fisher had a table at the Clubs Fair to advertise it to students and gain a core group of students who will be the ones delivering the food. Unfortunately, Fisher found that the Clubs Fair was very chaotic, so not as many people as she would have liked signed up. Fisher and the faculty advisor of RLC, Limudei Qodesh teacher Rabbi Jonathan Klatt, still need to work out the scheduling, but they are excited to get started. “If you would like to get involved,” Fisher added, “please be in touch with me!”

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