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Theater Review: Waitress Makes Broadway History

By: Neri Frank and Sophie Gross

Waitress is a fresh new  Broadway musical with music and book by Sara Barellis. The story revolves around the lives of three waitresses, Jenna, Becky, and Dawn, but focuses on Jenna. Jenna is struggling in an abusive marriage and is faced with an unexpected pregnancy. She uses her talented baking skills as an escape from her home life. Her pies are inspired by her current day to day life, and she uses them as a way of sharing her experiences with others. For example, after hearing the news of her pregnancy, Jenna names the pie special “betrayed by my eggs pie,” which consisted of ingredients that remind her of her husband and the pregnancy that she does not want. After she finds out that she is pregnant, Jenna pays a visit to her obstetrician, Dr. Pomater, and despite themselves, they develop a strong connection which blossoms into a love affair. To find out more, see the show. 

Waitress has everything you could ask for in a show. This beautiful musical is heartwarming, funny, and conveys a strong message about independence and what feminism really means. Waitress, being the first Broadway show to have an all female creative team, connects to the female empowerment topics of the story. The musical shows that having the all female creative team impacts the direction, emotion, and realism of the actresses’ portrayal of their roles. 

We highly recommend going to see Waitress before it closes on January 5th. You will not regret it. You may purchase tickets by going to the sites of ticketmaster.com, today tix, tkts, or going to the box office. I recommend going to the box office the day of and getting something called rush tickets for $40: you’ll  have a good chance of being seated in a great spot, for a fairly low price. Follow the show on instagram @waitressmusical or visit the website at www.waitressthemusical.com! Waitress truly is a musical baked from the heart!

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