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What You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Liza Wohlberg’s Memes

By Eliza Fisher ‘23

Not only does she manage Head of the High School Rabbi Noam Silverman’s calendar, plan parent events, answer phone calls, and help with scheduling and class registration, but on top of all of that, Liza Wohlberg always makes sure to include a meme at the end of each Hayom, the informational email that she sends out every day. 

When asked about her meme-hunting process, Wohlberg stated that, “I either look for a meme that corresponds to the day of the week, a meme with dogs, or something that I have been thinking about that day.” She explained how she knows her memes are a triumph when she hears a laugh from Assistant Head of the High School, Jessica Gribetz. Not only are Wohlberg’s memes a success in that they bring smiles to people’s faces, but they also motivate people to read through the Hayom. Freshman Emma Jonas explained, “Liza Wohlberg’s memes motivate me to read through all of the announcements on Hayom because I know that there will be a meme at the end!”

Wohlberg started putting memes in the Hayom a few months into her job, approximately a year and a quarter ago, because at that point she felt “more ownership and more freedom” in what she was doing. Wohlberg’s love for memes began with the trend of “lolcats memes”, memes that featured pictures of cats captioned with grammatically incorrect words and/or sentences. Even though Wohlberg has only been putting memes in the Hayom for a year now, she has already made her mark on the Heschel community, bringing playfulness to what can be a very stressful school day.

Wohlberg encourages students to send her memes that they want her to feature on the Hayom. Wohlberg hopes to expand her meme horizons and continue to promote a joyous Heschel atmosphere.

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