Club Highlight: Bioethics Club

By Liat Frumer ‘21 and Dani Bregman ‘21, Contributing Writers

Are “Designer Babies” ethical? Is it ethical to mutate your baby’s genes before they’re born to generate a “perfect” baby? Come to Bioethics to find out!

We recently founded the Bioethics club to engage in meaningful discussions about what is right and what is wrong in the medical world. Bioethics is the ethics and morals behind science, medicine, and research. The club meets every Friday 2 in room 318. The goal of the club is to create a fun and interactive environment for students interested in science and medicine. During meetings, club members will dive into ethical and moral questions in the medical field, engaging through articles, videos, and guest speakers, such as doctors and bioethicists. As technology advances, the scientific world opens up to endless capabilities such as gene editing. The question the Bioethics club will study: is it ethical? Join Bioethics to learn more!

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