Get to Know a Student: Student Government Edition

By Talia Levin ‘20  and Olivia Domansky ‘20, Contributing Writers 

Why did you choose to be on student government?What’s your dream student government project?What’s the best part of Heschel?
Who would be your ideal council member? What’s the best place to have a council meeting?
Junior Ben Samborik, Programming CouncilI wanted to help enrich the lives of our high school students throughboth educational and enjoyable programs.I want to help create themedevents for our full-school Shabbaton, and in fact, the ProgrammingCouncil is already working on that. The teachers. They do a phenomenal job of teaching usthe material. Coming from a public middle school, it is easy to see the difference: at Heschel, the teachers are willing to put effort into makingsure we understand the subject. If he wasn’t already in charge of Student Affairs, my ideal councilmember would have to be Austin Davis. Heis more than willing to help make students’ voices heard, which isimportant when thinking of a great student government member.When it’s warm outside,the roof. Being outside enables us to be more engaged and doesn’t drainus of the little energy we have left towards the end of the day.
Sophomore Victoria Khagan, Spirit CouncilTo be more active in the school and give the students more of a voice in our community.My dream project would probably be connecting to other Jewish Day schools in the United States and seeing what they are like.The way the teachers support and care about student’s opinions.Someone who is upbeat, creative, and passionate about working to make our school the best it can be. 
227 because that’s where Spirit Council is.
Junior Noah Helfstein, Student Affairs CouncilI wanted to make a positive change in the school and make sure the day to day life of a student is the best it can be. To work on utilizing space in the school better. 
Definitely the sense of community and extracurriculars.Someone funny but serious at the same time. They also have to be willing to voice their opinion!The best place to have a council meeting is the roof when the weather is nice.
Senior Jessie Cohen, Hesed CouncilI really enjoy doing community service and volunteering, and I wanted to make sure others at Heschel have this same enthusiasm and passion for Hesed.For the entire Heschel student body to stay after school before each major holiday and make care packages for other Jewish families or those in need.The community. As a Jewish school, I think we have a greater sense of community than other secular schools, and I really appreciate the support I get from teachers and truly value my amazing friends. 
Smith because she does literally everything, and is the best person ever.Definitely the library because of the comfy chairs

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