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Heschel Girls Push For Soccer Team

By Zev Lonner ‘20, Sports Editor

A group of Heschelians have recently been pushing for a girls’ indoor soccer team. On December 11th, Rick Munn, the athletic director, led a tryout to which nine girls showed up. Now, weeks after the town hall program that brought up the discussion of equality in support for girls and boys’ sports teams at Heschel, the prospect of this new team is suddenly becoming a real possibility that is garnering significant excitement. According to Munn, the attendees of the tryouts “work[ed] hard and picked up things well,” furthering optimism that the team will be created. 

            Sophomore Devorah Krym, whose constant urges for a girls’ soccer team have been fundamental to the chances that it will be formed, had no shortage of words on the team. In her opinion, the interest in a team at Heschel has always existed; “[but now,] there is an [abundance] of girls who have been playing soccer for years on outside leagues, especially in [grade nine]. Now that there are [ninth-grade] girls who competitively play the sport, it is definitely boosting up the chance of the possibility of a girls’ team. It would be great to represent Heschel in girls’ soccer, and to see the progress is quite exciting.” Krym also noted that she is “so grateful for the opportunities that Heschel provides for girls in sports. Girls put in so much effort into their practices, and it is very refreshing to know that girls’ sports are taken seriously and fully respected by faculty, peers, and, as far as I’m concerned, by everyone.”

One possibility is that the team will not be instituted this year, but that Munn, with Krym’s continued collaboration, will use the remainder of the school year to evaluate who might be committed to joining and to attempt to draw more people into the team. In Munn’s opinion, there are plenty of opportunities for girls’ sports at Heschel. However, he stated that he would like to see increased participation from girls in some of the less popular sports. He feels that a girls’ soccer team would be very helpful in expanding the field of girls’ sports at Heschel. Only time will tell what will become of this girls’ soccer team, but the possibilities are vast. Do not expect the anticipation to go away anytime soon. 

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