Heschel Hosts Third Annual Homecoming

By Zev Lonner ‘20 

The packed gymnasium cheered emphatically as the team marched back and forth across the court. The students’ support for their peers was unconditional. The blue and orange-clad audience in the bleachers stared in awe as their icons came through when it mattered most. The dream team knew they could not let the school down on this game day of all game days. Headed by the ever-so-outstanding Ned Ginsburg, Mikey Stein, Meghan McKenna, Joseph Eskin, David Steinberg, Ayal Robkin, Rabbi Jonathan Klatt and many more, the staff team, overflowing with talent as always, continued their run of dominance in the league, striking fear into yet another unworthy opponent–the alumni. 

And then the second half began. 

As the Heat continued their game, facing DRS, Ricky Sutton capped off his 30 point performance and Netanel Shapira’s 7 three pointers gave him 24 overall on the night. Heschel won the game by a final score of 73-58 and continued their convincing 5-0 opening to the 2019-2020 Metropolitan Yeshiva High School Athletic League.

The Spirit Council led an impressive array of activities in the hours prior to the game as well. Following a well-timed Heschel Wear sale in the atrium immediately after school, there were various games and entertainment organized around the school. Finally, as time began winding down to the start of the game, the dining hall had a line overflowing to the doors of the office with students eager to experience the school’s first ever “friendsgiving” dinner with a plethora of intriguing options such as sushi and, later on, ice cream. The Spirit Council hosted a game show, after they ate, and the kickoff of the Shoutout Box, an initiative for students to publicly mention their friend for a good deed that they did. 

The atmosphere during the game itself was galvanizing, as students kept up the enthusiasm until the final buzzer. Boys’ Varsity Basketball team player and Spirit Council member Eli Buchdahl, “We really enjoyed having so many people show up and cheer us on – the game felt electric from the tip and the energy kept up throughout the night. We were just happy we got to match that awesome atmosphere with a good game on the court.” Additionally, many alumni and younger students attended the game, bringing their energy to back the team in an incredibly memorable night at the Heschel school. 

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