Hesed Winter Dance Debriefed

By Sophie Fisher ‘21, Staff Writer

The Hesed Council hosted its annual winter fundraiser on Saturday, December 7th from 7:30 to 10:00 pm. In accordance with the theme of the dance – neon rave B’nai Mitzvah – students played the popular bar and bat mitzvah game Coke and Pepsi. Since Color War took place the following Monday and Tuesday, students at the dance competed in musical chairs, a traditional Color War event. 

All proceeds this year went to Mazon, a Jewish organization that works to end hunger. Specifically, the money raised benefited Mazon’s “Help Our Heroes” initiative, which was launched to support military and veteran families seeking food assistance. The campaign advocates for welfare benefits on behalf of soldiers, veterans and their families. This initiative began when Mazon’s partner organizations voiced concerns that a growing number of service members, veterans and their families were struggling to obtain food, either because they had completed their time in the military and could not find employment, or because their pay as a soldier didn’t cover their basic living expenses. In response, according to their website, Mazon decided to “lead national advocacy efforts on this often-ignored issue” because “those who make significant sacrifices for our country should never struggle to put food on the table.” 

In total, 100 students signed up for the dance and the event raised around $2,300. After the Hesed Committee debriefed this year’s dance in a subsequent meeting, Jewish and Student Life Fellow and Hesed Council facilitator, Shoshana Lauter, explained, “The council puts a tremendous amount of effort into planning the dance and thinking about how to engage the school in a Hesed cause, but also wants to pay attention to what the student body is interested in.” While our school still did a great job of raising money, which Lauter says will have a “huge impact,” only a third of the student body registered for the dance, and it’s been a challenge getting a bigger turnout in recent years. Noticing this, the Hesed committee is discussing exploring other event options in the future. 

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