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Unkosher food spotted in Heschel hallways

By Sophie Gross ‘23

Whether it be pork dumplings abandoned in a classroom or Chick-Fil-A in the student lounge, the unkosher food epidemic at Heschel seems to be spreading. 

Heschel students who have witnessed unkosher food in school have a variety of opinions on the issue.  “I have seen some other kids bring unkosher subway sandwiches into school,” one student reported. A sophomore said, “It’s wrong but it’s Heschel and people don’t care. You do you.” She explained that the reason she thinks students bring in unkosher food is because they can’t go out for lunch and have very limited time. Senior Isabelle Harrison-Bregman reported that the rules are “annoying but make sense. [You] can’t contaminate the school and need to make people who adhere to the rules of kashrut comfortable.” 

High School Director of Jewish and Student Life Rabbi Dahlia Kronish discussed the exact restrictions of  the school’s kashrut policy. She said that no meat or shellfish is to be allowed into the school. 

“I think the kashrut policy that is put in place has the goal of helping us create as inclusive a community as possible,” Rabbi Kronish commented.

She elaborated that the enforcement of these rules is based on an honor code between the students and the school.  According to Rabbi Kronish, it is important that we all work together to create a community of trust and welcome. 

It may seem unfair that those who don’t observe kashrut cannot eat what they please, but it is also wrong for those who keep kosher not to feel safe in their place of learning and growth. As a community, we must build a sense of understanding and respect for each other to create the best school experience for everyone.

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