Teacher Farewells

Faculty Farwell: Reli Gal

By Jonah Ceresney ‘22, Staff Writer

After thirteen years as a faculty member of Heschel High School, Hebrew teacher Reli Gal is retiring. As one of her students, I can say that Gal has been an incredibly influential part of my life. Since coming from a kibbutz in Israel, Gal has embraced the Heschel community and has done what she can to add to it and benefit from it. “I grow such strong connections with all of my students, which makes it really hard when they have to go to college after only four years,” Gal reflected. She influences all of her students both by being a fantastic Hebrew teacher and connecting to them personally.  

Much has changed throughout her time at Heschel. “Besides becoming a grandmother, Israel has also changed since I started working here,” she added. Gal explained how she works toward teaching her students about Israel in a way where they can draw their own conclusions. For Gal, “Teaching at Heschel is not just about Hebrew, but also ensuring students feel a connection to Israel.”

After this school year and once it is safe to do so, Gal is planning to travel all around the world for multiple months. After that, she is planning to take a class about art. Gal will be missed throughout the whole school and her influence on the Heschel community will never be forgotten. 

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