Teacher Farewells

Farewell to Susan Wicht

By Julia Dubey ‘23, Staff Writer

As the 2020 school year comes to an end, Arabic teacher Susan Wicht is preparing to depart from the Heschel community. During her two years at Heschel, Wicht has taught the ninth and tenth grades, given speeches about her world experiences, and contributed in numerous other ways to the Heschel community. After leaving, she will move to Switzerland.

Wicht was drawn to Heschel because as a child in Iraq, she attended a Jewish school where she learned to celebrate Jewish culture, though she herself is not Jewish. When she saw the opening for an Arabic teacher at Heschel, she recalled her childhood experiences with Judaism and knew that Heschel would be a perfect fit. “It’s really taken me back to my roots. To be going back as a teacher to a school with a strong Jewish culture is like being back when I was younger,” she remarked.

Once Wicht joined the Heschel community, she quickly became fascinated with the Jewish culture that she saw every day at our school. “I love the temple, the feasts, the celebrations, the spiritual side of daily life,” Susan explained. “I think it makes students stronger people.”

During her two years teaching at Heschel, Wicht has enjoyed her students’ eagerness to learn. “It’s just your enthusiasm!” she exclaimed. “I’ve rarely met a group of ninth and tenth graders as enthusiastic, open-minded, and mature.”

This year, I have had the privilege of being in Wicht’s Arabic class. The energy she brings to class every day never fails to engage and entertain her students. Wicht has been a treasured part of our community for the past two years, and the Heschel community will miss her.

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