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TV Show Review: Little Fires Everywhere

By Julia Dubey ‘23, Staff Writer

Based on Celeste Ng’s bestselling book, the television series Little Fires Everywhere is a dramatic, captivating, and emotional TV show set in the 1990s. This show is about the struggles of two families of different backgrounds and the feud created between them due to their race and social status. It is a refreshing break from ordinary television since it takes place a few decades ago, yet it is still relatable. Little Fires Everywhere will delight teenagers and lovers of drama alike.

The story follows artist Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl, who constantly move around the world looking for inspiration for Mia’s art. They drive into a small suburban town in Ohio called Shaker Heights, where they are introduced to a white woman whom Mia dislikes instantly. Her name is Elena Richardson, and she is a wealthy mother of four who lives in a large house in the neighborhood. Elena Richardson seems to have a perfect life, while Mia struggles daily due to financial issues and rampant racism. Mia is upset to learn that Pearl has become friends with Elena Richardson’s children. As we learn more about the characters, we see their chaotic lives and mysterious backgrounds, and we learn that nothing is as it seems.

Little Fires Everywhere is a unique show because it shifts from drama to a kind of mystery as the show progresses. As we learn more about the characters’ pasts, we see that everybody has something that they are hiding, and that is what I thought made the show so compelling. As the series progresses, we see development in every character and we see how those changes influence the family dynamics.

Little Fires Everywhere is a brilliant mix of drama and mystery that is sure to shock you with plot twists and surprising character developments.

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