Reimagining Color War and the Shabbaton

By Ruby Kazam ‘23, Staff Writer and Artist

As we begin a school year filled with many unknowns, one particular question floats in the back of students’ minds: What will happen to the Shabbaton and Color War, possibly the two most celebrated events at Heschel high school? 

Between the learning, games, and inter-grade bonding, both programs are highlights of the student experience, and Heschel plans to do its best to keep these programs in place. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students should expect several changes to these traditions.

In terms of the Shabbaton, the event will take place on Heschel’s campus in November, though the exact date is not yet set. Rather than sleeping in the Heschel building on Shabbat, students will enjoy the Shabbaton in their cohorts during a school day. Still, everybody should get excited for classic Shabbaton activities, including faculty learning sessions, a theme session led by members of student government, and Panoply, the fan favorite Shabbaton game. 

In keeping with tradition, Color War will span two days and no classes will take place during this time.  JSL coordinator and programming council advisor Aliza Sebert says students should get excited for “the new additions to be made and for the intergrade bonding to come along with it!”

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