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Teacher Profile: Alexander Kunst

By Anna Dubey ‘21, Editor-in-Chief

Alexander Kunst has joined the Social Studies Department this year, bringing his perspective from living in foreign countries and his excitement about pluralism to his Heschel career.

Kunst grew up in West Berlin, though he has briefly lived in other European countries as well. His passion for history became apparent in his youth; he credits his high school experience with inspiring him to pursue the subject. Before moving to America in 2006, Kunst was an educator at the Jewish Museum Berlin. Though the setting was very different from a high school class, Kunst valued the opportunity to serve as a public historian.

In America, Kunst worked at the National Museum of American Jewish History, and his interest in educating youth led him to a position at a private school in Baltimore, Maryland. Heschel appealed to Kunst because of its emphasis on pluralistic Judaism. “The Jewish community in Germany is organized very differently, in more unified communities” he reflected. He hopes to find that Heschel’s pluralistic attitude towards Judaism represents an accepting atmosphere in general.

Although Kunst anticipates challenges with navigating mostly-virtual school, he is well equipped for the task due to his experience working with online resources as a content developer. He hopes that the online format will not impede him from joining the Heschel community and getting acquainted with his students.

“I anticipate with excitement… [the community’s] investment in social justice and following Rabbi Heschel’s footpath,” Kunst said.

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