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Teacher Profile: Jennifer Hilguard

By Julia Dubey ‘23, Staff Writer

This fall, Heschel welcomes Jennifer Hilguard, the new high school Arabic teacher. Native to Canada, Hilguard has lived in New York on and off since 2013. Hilguard returned to New York this year because she “was really missing being in a community of scholars.”

Hilguard has always been fascinated by foreign languages, explaining “I love the breadth of human creativity that you see in languages.” She was drawn to Arabic in particular due to its complex script and unique sound.

A challenge that Hilguard anticipates is adapting to teaching in a high school setting, as she is used to educating older students.

Hilguard is excited to be working at Heschel as it gives her an opportunity to settle down in one place for a while. She remarked, “I’ve been moving pretty much continuously. I haven’t lived anywhere more than a year for the last 20 years.” Hilguard is also looking forward to learning more about Jewish culture while at Heschel and anticipates learning from her students as well as her fellow teachers.

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