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Teacher Profile: Rabbi Miriam Greenblatt

By Raphaela Gold ‘21 and Sarah Horvath ‘21, Editors-in-Chief

Rabbi Miriam Greenblatt, Heschel’s newest learning specialist, joins our community this year. “I’m just really happy to be here,” Rabbi Greenblatt remarked. “I’m so excited to be working at Heschel since it’s a really great opportunity, and I’m really appreciative.”

Rabbi Greenblatt lived in Toledo Ohio until she was fourteen and then moved to Rhode Island. She’s lived in New York ever since she came here to attend the double degree program at Barnard College and the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Rabbi Greenblatt became interested in education as a teenager. She explained, “I was really involved in Young Judaea,” a Zionist youth movement that “had a really strong emphasis on peer leadership— and the more involved you get, the more you take on leadership roles.” Her experience as a leader teaching others how to connect with Judaism helped her realize that “it would be fun to keep doing that, to keep teaching.” Rabbi Greenblatt proceeded to take an education class at her Hebrew school.

“I’ve always had strong connections [at Heschel],” said Rabbi Greenblatt. Ruth Fagen, the Limudei Qodesh Department Chair, was Rabbi Greenblatt’s teacher at the Jewish Theological Seminary’s Rabbinical School, which Rabbi Greenblatt attended with Rabbi Dahlia Kronish, the Associate High School Head.

Rabbi Greenblatt described Heschel as being “such a warm, vibrant place… you can feel through Zoom how caring people are for one another, and it feels like a really supportive community that wants to accept people for who they are.” Though she does anticipate difficulties with being part of a community that isn’t fully in-person, Rabbi Greenblatt is excited to take on the challenge. She looks forward to learning from her colleagues and students. “Being a learning specialist is a new role for me, so I’m excited to learn the best way for me to do that,” she added.

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