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Teacher Profile: Rossella Tarallo

By Sophie Fisher ‘21, News Editor 

“Since my interview at Heschel long before the pandemic, I had a feeling that the school was just the environment I was looking for,” shared new chemistry teacher Rossella Tarallo. An Italian native, Tarallo received a BS in biotechnology and an MS in medical biotechnology from the University of Naples Federico II. She went on to pursue a PhD in industrial and molecular biotechnology from the university and spent six months working on projects in the chemistry department at NYU as part of a student-exchange program. Before coming to Heschel, she was a professor in general chemistry at Touro College and St. John’s University.

Tarallo is a ninth-grade advisor and will teach regular and honors chemistry to the 10th grade, as well as offering seniors two new courses: biotechnology and forensic science. In the past, she has enjoyed teaching at a university level but felt that it was hard to build a sense of community at colleges. Recalling her first visit to Heschel, Tarallo said, “I had this positive energy from everyone I met. They all appeared to be extraordinary people.” She was also impressed by Heschel’s structure and academic life. “I found the school to be extremely organized and it reminded me a little bit of how a university is structured in terms of having all these different divisions, departments, and communication between staff and students,” she stated.

Tarallo hopes to make her lessons “as dynamic and engaging as possible” so her students will succeed in their science courses and feel comfortable coming to her with questions and concerns or just for a chat.

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