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Teacher Profile: Ted Graham

By Raphaela Gold ‘21

“I was always interested in ancient stuff as a kid,” said Heschel’s Latin and Ancient Greek teacher Ted Graham, explaining what initially drew him to classics. As the newest addition to the language department, Graham is eager to begin working at Heschel. He brings with him extensive knowledge of both Latin and Greek. Graham took Latin in high school, then Greek and more Latin in college, and soon realized that the best way to satisfy his love for those languages was to discuss them with others and share his knowledge, so he entered the field of education. He grew up in New York and now lives in Astoria, Queens.

Graham noted, “I’m sure everyone would say Zoom will be a challenge, especially since language needs a certain kind of connection even when it’s not primarily a spoken language, and it’s going to be very hard to maintain that.” Other than the concern about adapting to a new school over Zoom, Graham is excited to work at Heschel. “I’ve only heard wonderful things about the students, and to be able to teach Latin and teach Greek in small engaged classes with curious students,” he said. “I asked around, and I immediately got enthusiastic responses from people in terms of quality of school and quality of students, and I’m honestly thrilled to be here.”

Graham teaches Latin for all grades and Ancient Greek for 12th grade. Though he loves both Latin and Greek, he admitted, “I’m not supposed to be biased, but I did my PhD in Greek literature, and I guess my preference is for Greek. It’s a more subtle language and you can do more interesting things with it.”

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