Heschel Athletes Remain Optimistic and Active During Coronavirus

By Serena Goldstein ‘24, Staff Writer

Even though socially-distanced Heschel students have been coming into Heschel classrooms this fall, the gyms at 20 and 30 West End Avenue remain empty. Heschel has re-opened for in-person learning, but all school sports have been canceled until further notice. High school athletes are disappointed that they likely won’t play sports this year but are staying active and looking forward to a time when sports can begin again. 

Junior Risa Lippe was on the Girls’ Basketball team and Girls’ Varsity Hockey team last year. While upset that tournaments are canceled, Lippe understands the situation. “All the coaches are amazing, and I know they’re trying their best to figure things out. I’m excited for whatever new things they come up with,” she said. Lippe usually participates in club soccer outside of school as well, but like many leagues, hers has been canceled due to coronavirus. These days, Lippe goes on runs and has scrimmages with her teammates from club soccer. 

Freshman Liana Feit was looking forward to joining the Girls’ Volleyball team, as well as meeting her new teammates during summer preseason. Even though the season was cancelled, Feit is still looking forward to trying out for the Girls’ Volleyball team next year. To stay in shape, Feit goes for bike rides in Central Park and uses her pull-up bar at home. 

Senior Ariella Mann had played on the Heschel Girls’ Floor Hockey team since she was a freshman and was excited about her senior year with the team. “I’m pretty upset about it just because I’ve been looking forward to my senior season for a while. But I guess it is what it is, and I’m lucky enough to have had two and a half seasons already,” Mann said. To stay fit, she has been working out at home and going on walks. When asked if she thinks there will be a Heschel sports season next year, Mann is optimistic. “I’d like to hope so, I hope everybody else will be able to play next year depending on how things are going in the world. I think there will be one.”

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