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Gaming Club Becomes A Success During COVID-19

By Noam Medjuck-Bruckner ‘23, Staff Writer

The new Video Gaming Club, started by ninth-grade math teacher Andrew Peterson, has flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic. During each Friday 2 clubs block, members eagerly share presentations on various games that they enjoy. Similarly, some choose to make presentations on new consoles, for example the upcoming Oculus, as VR is thought to be the future of gaming.

While presentations occur during the allotted time for clubs, much of the club takes place outside of school hours. In their recreational time, members use Discord to connect and play video games. Discord is a communications app geared toward gamers. The app is compatible with other services, allowing players to call their friends while simultaneously playing video games. 

The biggest source of traffic for the Video Gaming Club is the club’s Survival Multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft server. The version 1.16.4 Minecraft server is a lightly structured survival society in which farming and partnership are emphasized. One can always catch two or three people online.

The Minecraft server, and other online multiplayer games, make it possible for students who cannot attend the club’s block time to still actively participate in the club. While the majority of club members enjoy Minecraft, the diversity of interests guarantees that any new member will find people with similar taste in games.

Peterson, a new teacher at Heschel, expressed his encouragement to those who are thinking about joining the club. “If you are considering joining the club, I would say that you should feel empowered to do so,” he said. “No one club is for everyone, but there is something special about this group. We are all unique in our gaming choices and playing styles, but it is this mutual respect of our differences that brings us together.”

When asked what advice he would give to students who are beginning to expand their video gaming experiences, Peterson said, “Take your time getting into gaming. Even I don’t like every video game! Finding your video gaming identity may take time, but it is a worthy and rewarding pursuit! So get out there and keep trying new games on new systems and in new formats until you find something you enjoy.”

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