Grading the Blockbuster Trades of the 2020 Offseason

By Ariel Plevan ‘23, Sports Editor

Many projected this National Basketball Association (NBA) offseason to be an interesting one, but no one expected what we’ve seen so far. All-stars have been traded, and contending teams have acquired role players who can take them to the promised land of winning an NBA championship. Before the season starts and these teams begin to play their games, I’m going to grade the trades for each team.

The New Orleans Pelicans traded Jrue Holiday for George Hill, Eric Bledsoe, and 5 first-round picks back from the Milwaukee Bucks. By doing so, the Bucks brought in an All-NBA guard to help convince two-time MVP Giannis Antetokouompo to sign an extension with the small-market franchise. However, with this move, they lost a lot of depth. They took a big risk in trading several of their future picks in the hopes that they can use Jrue to make the title push they have always strived for. The Pelicans acquired extra value for Holiday but tied up cap space in future years by taking on Hill and Bledoes’s large contracts. The Pelicans get an A-, and the Bucks get a C+. 

The Phoenix Suns traded Kelly Oubre Jr., Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome Jalen Leque, and a first-round pick for Oklahoma City Thunder’s Chris Paul and Abdul Nader. It is clear that the Suns overpaid for former all-star Chris Paul, but it was definitely worth it. The Suns need to keep Devin Booker happy, and they did just that with this move. The Thunder added to their young core and their stockpile of first-round picks, even if this particular player will not be at the top. The Suns get a B+, as the Thunder get an A.  

The Portland Trail Blazers traded Trevor Ariza and two first-round picks for Robert Covington of the Houston Rockets; both teams are winning with this deal. With Covington, the Blazers now have the team that they think can make it to the finals. The Rockets get a pair of first-round picks as they look to build towards the future, not the present. Overall, this is a big win for both teams, and both should be satisfied with the deal they made. The Blazers get an A, and the Rockets get an A+.

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