The Basketball World Reacts to the Events at the Capitol on January 6th

By Ariel Plevan ‘23, Assistant Sports Editor 

On Wednesday, January 6th, the  Capitol was breached by a pro-Trump mob.  Many basketball players shared their in censed views on the riot. The National Bas ketball Association (NBA) and many of its  players have been active in the fight against  racial inequality, and the events on Wednes day prompted many reactions amongst NBA  players. 

The players addressed what they  perceive as a double standard between the  events of the 6th and the Black Lives Matter  protests over the summer. Lakers all-star  power forward Anthony Davis said: “When  ‘Black Lives Matter’ was protesting, it was  ‘Once the looting starts, the shooting starts.’  Well to my knowledge, if you take some thing you’re looting. In that case, for them  to get escorted out the front door, it’s a slap  in the face to us. It feels like we’re going  backwards.” (Click the linked text for the full  statement.) Davis has played an important  part in the fight against racial inequality  in America, using his platform as an NBA  champion and superstar in the league to  spread anti-racism. Over the summer in  the NBA bubble, he threatened to boycott  games if NBA governors did not fulfill their  agreement to implement a number of social  justice initiatives, such as promoting voting  access and civic engagement.  

In addition to Davis, Warriors big  man Draymond Green said the following to  the media at a Wednesday press conference:  “They’re not f—— protesters, they f—- — terrorists.” (Click the linked text for the  full statement.) Green, like Davis, has been  active in the past on social justice issues.  

Future NBA Hall of Fame Dwyane Wade  also spoke his mind on Twitter, posting:  “Black people get pulled over and don’t  make it out alive. We can’t sleep in our own  beds without being killed. We can’t jog  without being killed. We can’t walk down  the street with our hoodies up without being  killed but they can do this???” (Click the  linked text for the full statement.) As he  responded to an image of the mob in the  Capitol, he underlined the previously men tioned double standards. 

These are just three of the many NBA  players who were enraged by the events  at the Capitol. The points made by Davis,  Green, and Wade about double standards in  the events at the Capitol were referenced in  the tweets of many NBA players and other  athletes in America and across the world.

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