Breakfast Tacos Recipe

By Anna Khorets ‘22 and Shoshana Sugerman ‘22, Online Editor and Staff Writer respectively

We discovered this recipe at Pancake House in Edgewater, New Jersey, but we put our own twist on it. It’s great for hectic mornings, as it’s quick to make, but it’s just as delicious at any other time of the day! The fabulous thing about this recipe is that there are so many options to customize. If you skip the turkey bacon, sour cream and cheese are delicious toppings, too. 


1 avocado

2 eggs (egg substitute works, too)

2-3 Taco shells

2-3 Soft tortilla wraps

Turkey Bacon (or soy bacon if you want cheese and sour cream)

Sauce of your liking (we usually use a creamy jalapeno sauce from Whole Foods)


Whisk the eggs in a bowl. Cook them on the stove with some butter until you have scrambled eggs.

Meanwhile, cook the turkey bacon in any way you would like. You can cook it on the stove or put it into the oven. Cut it into little pieces. Cut the avocado in half and then into strips, so it fits into the taco shell. Place the hard taco shells inside the soft tortilla wraps. Put the scrambled eggs on the bottom of the hard shell, and then sprinkle the bacon over it. Place the avocado on top, and then pour the sauce that you chose. This recipe usually makes 2-3 tacos.

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