TV Show Review: The Undoing, A Captivating New Limited Series

By Emma Jonas ‘23, Online Editor

You may have seen celebrities such as the Kardashians posting about how invested they are in The Undoing. It’s the hottest new limited series on HBO, starring Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman. The show takes place in a Gossip Girl-esque Upper East Side, and the characters’ children attend a prestigious private school entitled Reardon (the show even uses the same filming location as in Gossip Girl!). The six episodes work to unpack the murder of Elena Elves, a mysterious mother from Harlem who sends her son to Reardon. 

The series guides viewers down a series of twists and turns, leading the audience to believe that any character could have committed the crime. Through a combination of personal and courtroom drama, the mystery unfolds in both formal and informal settings.

Besides the captivating story, the setting is also attractive to viewers. The characters live in beautiful townhomes and apartments on the Upper East Side, and viewers have the opportunity to see the Fraser estate in the North Fork. Many also admire the series’ costuming and fashion, especially the magnificent coats that Grace Fraser sports. The TV show originally released new episodes every Sunday, but now the entire series can be accessed on HBO Max. The Undoing is the perfect show to binge, as it consists of only six forty-minute episodes. I guarantee you will be invested in watching the mystery unravel and shocked by its conclusion.

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