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At-Home Learning Affects Pets Academically

By Shanee Goldman ‘23, Staff Writer

Before COVID, when I still learned in the Heschel building on a daily basis, I’d often look at my dog and think, “Did he miss me while I was at school?” Now that I’m home almost every day of the week, I assume the opposite—  that my dog is bored of seeing me so regularly. But what if our pets actually enjoy having us home because now they have an opportunity to learn? What if they are eavesdropping on and learning from our Zoom classes?

They may look like they’re just perched in the corner of your bedroom, but in reality, they’re listening, eager to learn. Maybe this is what they’ve been waiting for this whole time: a chance to experience the things we do when we’re away from home. Maybe they’ve become so informed about chemistry, geometry, and 19th-century history that one day they’ll offer us help with our homework!

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